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We have all experienced minor accidents before. Your car could get stuck in the mud while you are off-road. A fix may be too big to do on the side of the road. You were involved in a vehicular accident. In situations like these, you may need to get your car transported safely. It’s best to get professional help before larger issues arise while having problems on the road.

For any type of vehicular assistance required, you can always call McDonough Towing Services for reliable service that you can depend on at any time of the day. We will get your vehicle off the road and to the nearest garage as quickly as we can. It is essential that we work with you to get you out of a stressful situation. Our wrecker service is particularly useful for a wide range of activities that will get you and your vehicle where you need to be.

Different Wreckers For Every Situation

Our professional team knows which equipment to reliably use for any type of car and any condition that we may encounter. We understand that you need help quickly and efficiently. We will work with you so that your specific needs are met by our team of professional mechanics. We will talk with you and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions about your car or motorcycle.

Dollies. Some situations only require a sling-type towing vehicle. It is still very commonly used, although it has some disadvantages when you have an automatic transmission car. We safely attach a hook and a chain to the lower portion of your car and secure it tightly on a dolly so that we can bring your vehicle along for a ride to the nearest garage.

Flatbed. Our general equipment of choice involves lifting your entire vehicle onto a flatbed truck so that we can transport any vehicle safely and efficiently without additional damage. Our professionals will recommend this service when your car is not severely damaged or when your car cannot be towed by conventional means, as is the case when you have a low clearance vehicle or an exotic car model.

Wheel lift. There are also efficient ways to move heavier vehicles by using clamps on a tow truck. these clamps are attached to the drive wheels of your car. It raises your vehicles slightly so that it can move freely while on the road.

Using Wrecker Services

Wrecker services are ideal for various situations, whether it’s multiple car involvement or transport to the nearest garage. You can always count on professional service from a Wrecker service like McDonough Towing Services to get you to safety very reliably and quickly. 

Wrecker services offer stress-free removal facilities that pick up your car whenever you need them picked up. Wreckers can come to your rescue and prevent additional issues like traffic jams when your car has broken down on the road or when you have had an accident. Wrecker services can also help you get a bargain for a very old piece of equipment or vehicle that you may need disposing of at the junkyard.

Professional Wreckers at McDonough Towing Services

If you need a vehicle removed from the area quickly and efficiently, McDonough Towing Services is the company to call. We understand your needs, and we’ll talk you through making every decision you need to make about your car and removing it from the area. Whether it’s to transport a car that needs fixing or a car that needs to be disposed of, you can trust us to help you make the right decisions for any situation with reliable service and comprehensive information.

Our professional services can adapt to any situation that you need to serve. Our wide variety of services also includes roadside assistance & fuel delivery. If you need help at any time of the day, McDonough Towing Services is ready to provide you with the services you need at the most reasonable prices. Call us today at (678) 506-2162.