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Of course, I can leave a long list of detailed instructions or a lengthy video on how to change a tire when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, fearing for your safety, but let me do you one better. Why risk your and your car’s life when you can dial our experts at McDonough Towing Services that stand ready 24/7 to help get your tire installed in a jiff! So, instead of scrolling through numerous tire-changing blogs and skimming through YouTube videos that may or may not be legit, the McDonough Towing Services is open at your service all day every day to install your spare tire, to fix any mechanical issues caused by the flat or damaged tire, to tow your car, and even provide rapid primary assessments to further ensure safe travels. You just have to call (678) 506 – 2162 and we’ll make a beeline to your location. 

Flat tires often occur at the worse possible times. When you’re having the best road trip of your life, when you’re in the middle of nowhere, when it’s in the late hours of the night, or even just after your parents gave you a long lecture about being careful on the road. Whichever reason has brought you to an article about ‘changing tires’, here is a quick guide to avoiding tire damage and practicing preventive maintenance to keep your car tires in tiptop shape at all times.

Flat and damaged tires can be caused by sharp objects, tire bead leaks, alloy wheel leaks, damaged valve stem, over-inflation, car overload, bad road conditions, and even high temperatures. Hence, you need to have spare tires, to keep a watchful eye on the road, to constantly check your tire beads, alloy wheels, and valve stems, to avoid and check for over-inflated tires, to avoid car-overloading, and to avoid using your car when it’s awfully hot outside. However, not all dangers to the car tires can always be prevented and you’re bound to hear that busted flat tire noise. That is why we offer all our services for any prickly situation.


Get Your Tire Changed Today with McDonough Towing Services

We are constantly on the line to provide quality roadside assistance anytime and anywhere at a record amount of time- making us the best in the biz. Just call (678) 506 – 2162 to avail our speedy, quality, and accommodating services that ensure your safe travels. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about those heart-attacking bills at the end of the service because we offer affordable services. We even offer estimates and cost breakdowns before we get started.

Tire Replacement Services

Once you get a flat or damaged tire, our team will speedily reach your location to replace it with your spare tire. The team of experts is always equipped with proper and complete tools for the job, so you don’t have to ever worry about bringing a huge box of expensive tools that may just collect dust in the back of your car.

Roadside Assistance Services

Not all flat tires only need replacing. Other car parts make have been affected by sudden damage. Our specialists will make sure to give a thorough inspection of any mechanical issues and fix them on the roadside itself if easily fixable. Once we give that ‘go’ signal, we can guarantee smooth and damage-free driving to continue your day.

Towing Services

If you don’t have a spare tire on you or if your car has experienced server damages preceding the incident, don’t you worry. We can simply tow your car to the nearest garage and get it fixed by our professionals. Before you know it, you will be cruising in your completely fixed hot ride in no time.  


Bonus Tips: Preventive Maintenance for Longer Lasting Tires

Now that you’ve experienced a flat and damaged tire firsthand, I bet you want to know how to make your tires durable more than ever.

  1.       First on the list is to habitually maintain the correct air pressure in the tires. Take note that your tire’s correct air pressure is solely based on your tire’s recommended bar or psi.
  2.       Next, you want to make sure that your tires aren’t worn out. They usually are after 6 months of regular driving. After that, it’s time to exchange the front tires with the rear tires since the front tires get worn out faster. So, swapping the front with the rear tires once can maximize their usage- and save you money, too.
  3.       Then you need to check your tire threads to see their health. If the tire threads are visible, it’s time to get fresh, new rubber.